NotroniG - About us

NotroniG is a complete autonomous fuel-air-spark system controlled electronically, mounted non-invasively and reversibly. The conversion of the system solves problems that occur in the operation of:
  • mechanical injection based on Bosch, Lucas, Kugel-Fischer sectional pumps
  • mechanical injection Bosch / K-Jetronic, KE-Jetronic
  • electronic injection systems from Bosch / D-Jetronic, L-Jetronic
  • carburetor systems
  • optionally enables the engine to run on E10 fuel / with a higher admixture of bioethanol
  • The genesis of the creation of NotroniG is mundane, as it happens in life, it was dictated by the need to complete the restoration project of a Mercedes-Benz W111 coupe car with M129 engine.
    After 90% of the work, involved in the complete restoration of the car, had been completed, including the overhaul of the engine, the project was stuck for a long time by inefficient and inadequate operation of the engine and specifically the fuel injection system.
    All the components of the fuel injection system were replaced or reconditioned, but the engine still performed unsatisfactorily, although the work consumed a lot of time and money.
    After a period of stagnation of our unfinished Mercedes-Benz w111 Coupe restoration project, the decision was taken to replace the existing mechanical injection with electronic injection.
    It turned out that all existing available "electronic replacements" for the injection system were in no way compatible with the existing mechanical injection solution for our engine (M129).
    The scope of our work focused on proven solutions used in automotive applications, suitably modified by us and continuously improved.
    Hundreds of hours of experiments, trials and tests brought the expected and very good results, confirming the validity of the work carried out.
    We have developed an electronic injection system that almost invisibly replaces the original mechanical injection system.
    Thanks to the continuous development of our system, we are now able to carry out conversions of almost all possible injection systems, as well as carburettor systems. carburettor systems.
    To test the capabilities of our system, we carried out tests and observations. For the tests, we chose a Mercedes W111 Coupe 250SE powered by a mechanical sequential injection pump from Bosch (Stage 1).The choice was not an easy one, because in most most cars powered by the original pump have minor or major inadequacies, and we wanted to have a factual and fair comparison of the operation and performance of the of the factory system against our NotroniG system. We then (Stage2) fitted a NotroniG system type "M".The final comparison (Stage3) was the installation of a catalytic converter and a fixed broadband Lambda probe to the car with our system.
    • Emission measurements were taken with a BOSCH measuring machine of the series BEA060 SERIES
    • Power and torque measurements were carried out on a professional chassis dynamometer chassis dynamometer
    • Fuel consumption was measured over identical distances and under very similar weather and road conditions.
    The tests were divided into three stages:
    Stage 1
    Car with factory injection system with Bosch sequential pump. The exhaust emissions measurement showed that the results were within the factory standard, which According to the manufacturer, up to 4.5 % CO , 4.38 % CO was obtained. The power obtained on the dynamometer was 136PS and 189NM, which is a very decent result. According to the manufacturer's data, the factory performance is 150PS, 216Nm.
    The fuel consumption test deviated significantly from the manufacturer's specifications 11.7 l/100km, we came up with an average of 13.6 l/100km.
    Stage 2
    Car with NotroniG type 'M' electronic fuel injection fitted. Exhaust emissions were performed on the normal road settings of the of the computer controlling the engine parameters. The CO result obtained was 1,05 % The 149PS and 208Nm of power obtained represented a 12% increase over the Bosch factory pump and a return to pre-57 years to factory performance.
    Average fuel consumption came out at 10.7 l/100km. A result that improved on the factory injection system by almost 23%.
    Stage 3
    Car with NotroniG electronic fuel injection plus added catalytic converter and fixed Lambda probe in the exhaust system. CO of 0.01% and HC of 55ppm bring our classic closer to the level of the EURO 5, i.e. today's 2-3 year old cars. Conversion to the NotroniG system significantly improves engine performance. Increased flexibility and operating culture have increased, as well as a much better response to the gas by increasing torque and engine power. increased torque and engine power
    Significantly reduced combustion and harmful exhaust emissions
    Notronig is characterised by its non-invasive and reversible installation allowing you to return to the original. The components we use are virtually unnoticeable and do not disturb the harmony of the car's originality.
    All replaced components of the old system are returned to the customer. For each engine variant, the computerised engine map is modified separately. map is separately modified for each engine variant, which is perfectly adapted to the car owner's needs.
    A prerequisite for the installation of NotroniG is the proper mechanical condition of the engine and clean fuel tank.
    e do not sell ready-to-assemble kits. This is due to our experience and knowledge that each engine must be individually tuning each engine of identical type is in a different condition, the parameters such as parameters such as:
    • injector opening time
    • fuel pressure
    • ignition angle
    • amount of air
    • and many other less important parameters that improve engine performance

    Before instalation

    Before instalation

    After instalation

    NotroniG systems can be used in almost all faulty vehicles by fitting and selecting the right components, we can apply them to almost all cars with faulty fuel systems. We offer several options for the selection of our system:

      NotroniG type „M”

    • conversion from a mechanical sectional injection pump :
    • Bosch ( Mercedes-Benz : W111,W112,W109,W108,W113,W189,W100 and others having injection Bosch mechanical injection)
    • Kugel-Fischer ( Porsche 911, Peugeot, BMW )

      NotroniG type „D”

    • Conversion from Bosch D-Jetronic injection ( Mercedes-Benz : W107,W116,W114,W100),
    • BMW E9 3.0CSI, Jaguar, Volvo, and others with Bosch D-Jetronic injection.
    • Conversion from Bosch L-Jetronic injection

      NotroniG type „K”

    • Conversion from K-Jetronic and KE-Jetronic injection ( Mercedes-Benz: W107,W116,W126,W123,W124,R129 and others) Porsche 911, Audi and others with K-Jet injection)

      NotroniG typee „C”

    • Conversion to injection of cars powered by carburettors Mercedes 190SL, W108,W111,W123, and other makes and models.
    Phone number: +48 785 189 553